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Windshield replacement
is expensive

Windshield repair is not.
Don't let a repair turn into a replacement. 
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What makes us

We strive to exceed your expectations with each and every repair. Helping the New Orleans area to stay safe on the road and save money by avoiding unnecessary windshield replacements is our mission.

Service guarantee

All repairs are guaranteed to prevent damage from further spreading, or your money back.


You don't need to drop off your vehicle and twiddle your thumbs while we work. Our mobile service comes to you.

Reduced cost

Windshield repair is substantially less costly than windshield replacement. We save our customers such unnecessary costs.

Don’t just take our word for it

"Fantastic service and my windshield looks amazing. Fastest car repair ever"

Lisa E.

"2 ft crack repaired in about 45 minutes!"

Bailey M.

"Pelican, we are together forever and I will most definitely tell everyone I know about you!"

Dionne R.
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Customer-first windshield repair in the New Orleans area

Our goal at Pelican Auto Glass is to use the latest innovations and technology in laminate glass repair to help the New Orleans area stay safe on the road while saving money in the process. 

We strive not only to raise the bar and exceed our own expectations on each and every repair, but also to educate others as to why they should always first check if repair is an option.

Mobile service

Don't stress about coming to us. We'll fix your car wherever it is, and you can focus on your work or leisure activities.

Quick repair

Most repairs take between 20 and 30 minutes. We'll be done before you know it, ensuring you're not held up.

Wide coverage

We service the entire New Orleans area. No matter where you or your vehicle is located, Pelican Auto Glass Repair can get to you.

Convenient bookings

Use our handy booking system to schedule a repair for a day and time that suits you. We'll confirm your slot & you're all set!

Satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever your repair continues to spread, you will recieve a full refund.

Fully certified

Pelican Auto Glass Repair only uses certified technicians to perform your repairs. We are experts in our field with many years of experience.

Keeping you safe

A damaged windshield lacks its standard integrity and is extremely dangerous. You are not properly protected from impacts!

Keeping you safe

The technician attending to your vehicle can accept cash or credit card, even if they are on a mobile outcall to your location.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before you start? Here are some common queries we get:

Does my insurance cover windshield repair?

If you have a comp/collision insurance policy, you more than likely already pay for rock chip repair in your premium. In general, unless you have State Farm or a discount policy from companies like GoAuto, you are likely covered. We work with all insurance companies, so verifying coverage is only a phone call away!

Can my windshield be fixed?

We repair damage as small as a dime, or as long as several feet. The main determining factor is location of the damage. The State of Louisiana prevents drivers from damage over 6" (roughly the size of a dollar bill) in the driver's immediate viewing area. This area is the part of the windshield directly in front of the driver that can be covered by an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.

Will I still see the damage after the repair?

Yes. Though laminate glass repair has made incredible strides, some "scarring" is to be expected from repairing previously broken glass. The goal of windshield repair is to protect the structure of the glass, with visibilty improvements being the cherry on top. Typically you can expect between 70-90% improvement in the look of the break.

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